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I am proud to collaborate with a network of trusted partners who enrich my services and bring value to every transaction.

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If you're looking for partners to finance, renovate, or maintain your current or future property, here is a list of my trusted partners.

Équipe Abinader Notaires

Me Olivier Abinader - Notaire
The sale and purchase of a property, starting a business, a marriage, an estate... We accompany and guide you through each significant stage of your life because we understand the importance of your decisions. Our approach is simple, genuine, and friendly. Your concerns, dreams, and interests are our true priorities

Bessette Notaires

Bessette Notaires excels in all fields of expertise within the notarial domain. With over 15 notaries and legal advisors, the company has built a reputation for quality in personal and real estate law. Whether you are a professional or an individual, you will receive service in accordance with notarial regulations.

Bâtiment St-Laurent

Jean-François St-Laurent - Inspecteur en batiment
Our company specializes in residential, multi-unit, and commercial building inspections. We conduct inspections for homebuyers looking to purchase a new property and for sellers wishing to provide an inspection during the sale process. We also inspect new buildings according to the National Building Code. Additionally, we offer expertise in water infiltration, building settling, air quality, and any other issues related to inspections that require a thorough assessment. We also perform thermal imaging scans. All our inspections adhere to the practical standard of the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors, and we provide highly detailed reports with numerous photos, all within a 48-hour turnaround time. If needed, a preliminary report can be issued on the same day.

Dany Giroux

Residential Real Estate Broker


B. (819) 640-1192
O. (819) 640-1192


848 rue Principale Ouest
Magog, Québec, J1X 2B6

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